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Tax Preparation Services

Individual Tax Preparation Services
Personal tax return preparation is our speciality.  We have studied the law changes, so you don't have too.  

Expatriate / Foreign National Tax Services 
U.S. citizens working abroad encounter many tax issues related to their assignment.  Whether they are working for a foreign affiliate of a U.S. Company, a foreign entity, or self-employed, the rules are complicated.  We have over 16 years experience working with both the expat employee and the self-employed expat.  We can help you determine if you qualify for the Foreign Earned Income Exclusion, or if the Foreign Tax Credit might be a better option for you. 

Foreign Nationals living and working in the U.S. have a totally different set of rules, which fall under the Income Tax Treaties.  We can help you determine if you should file as a Non-Resident, Dual-Status, or full year Resident.  Do you know what income may be excluded from your U.S. return?  We do, give us a call.

Self-Employed Individuals
We understand the issues of the self-employed individuals. We can, assist you with rules for deducting home office expenses, and other business expenses.  As a self-employed individual, you now need to make quarterly estimated tax payments, we can help you calculate the amount to pay each quarter.  Should you set up a SEP-IRA?  Or a Roth IRA?  These are questions we can help you answer.

Small Business Tax Preparation
The small business owner faces their own set of rules.  We can assist you with determining if the people working for you are employees or contractors.  Should you withhold payroll taxes?  How are the withholdings remitted?  Need assistance with bookkeeping?  These are issues that need to be addressed, let us help you. 

Electronic Filing of Tax Returns
We proudly offer electronic filing for most types of returns.  Electronic filing protects you against data entry errors that can be made at the IRS.  It also ensures that you get your refunds faster.  By using Direct Deposit for those refunds, you can generally get them within a few weeks.  Please ask us if your return qualifies for e-File.


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